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Ann Baker was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and went home to be with her Lord in 2008.  Dick and Ann had 57 wonderful years together.  She is greatly missed.  She was a priceless example to her family.

Dick and Ann Baker

While in Southwestern Seminary, Dick was being used in Youth Revivals on many college campuses.  During one such revival at Howard Payne University, Dick made a big decision himself.  That decision was to meet and to marry Ann Self, a student there and a part of the college revival choir he was directing.  She was a Howard Payne yell leader, Homecoming Queen, and a student with other academic honors.  She was the daughter of W.G. and Gertrude Self.  Her father was a pastor.  They married on August 24, 1951.   


Ann was a wonderful wife and partner for Dick’s ministry.  She was a his prayer warrior and she kept the home front going smoothly while Dick was on the road during his evangelism ministry.  They raised their two children, Paul and Lori, in Denton, Texas.   Ann made sure she and the children were involved in their home church, First Baptist Church of Denton and that they were a part of their community in every way.  She was the anchor for the family since Dick had to be away from home at least half of the year, sometimes 2 to 3 weeks at a time.  It was a great sacrifice for the family, but one that they willingly made because Ann knew how very important it was to follow God’s calling.  


When Dick went back into serving at the local church level at Prestonwood Baptist Church, Ann was once again a perfect team mate for Dick.  With an empty nest at home,  she was his helper right in the thick of his ministry and an un-official secretary.  She helped him minister to an ever-growing choir.  They planned the musical productions together and she worked tirelessly behind the scenes and sang supportively in the choir as well.    They loved serving the Lord together at Prestonwood.