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Dick Baker was in the Baylor University graduating class of 1949.  While at Baylor, he and his good friend and roommate, Frank Boggs, decided that Baylor needed a new Fight Song.  Neither of these young men had ever written a song before, so this was quite an idea.  But in the 1947 school year their new fight song was introduced.  Although it has been over 60 years since they wrote it, the Baylor Fight Song is still used at Baylor today.   At the 2009 Fall Homecoming Festivities, Dick and Frank were recognized for this contribution that has continued to be played and sung with pride at Baylor University.

Baylor Days

In 1948, Dick began a student gospel choir to help support the campus worship service, the Baylor Religious Hour, on Wednesday nights.  This service on the campus was a part of the Youth Revival Movement that began in the 1940's.  The choir was a crucial part of that exciting time.  They were not only a part of the weekly services, but were used outside the Baylor campus in churches and in revival services of that time.  The Baylor Religious Hour Choir, or BRH Choir, is still a part of the Baylor campus life today.  Their purpose has not changed since it's inception over 60 years ago.  This choir is made up of students from all areas of Baylor academics and they share their faith through music and through mission opportunities.   They want to carry their songs and witness to churches and campuses across the country and even overseas.  Dick has always been amazed that this gospel choir of students has endured and has touched the lives of so many students who have participated, as well as those to whom they have shared the message of Christ.



Youth Revival Movement 

Dick began participating in the Youth Revival Movement at Baylor even before he was a student there.  As a high school student, he would come and sing in the services that his brother, Bo, was a part of.  He continued to help lead the singing and being a soloist for countless revivals and services of that era.  He was a part of an amazing group of young men who had hearts for winning others to the Lord.  They all answered God’s call to tell others about Christ’s love.  The Youth Revival Movement had a huge impact on our country and those dear friends who were a part of it, had a lasting impact on Dick’s life.  God directed his steps toward a life of ministry from this time forward.  There is a nice room at the Truett Seminary on the Baylor Campus dedicated to documenting the Youth Revival Movement.  They have collected many pieces of memorabilia and recorded narratives of many of the great men that were involved in the Movement.