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First Baptist Church, Farmersville, Texas



This Stain Glass window is one of the many beautiful windows in the sanctuary at First Baptist Church Farmersville, the Baker family's church home.  Dick and Bo's father, B.O. Baker, taught a men's Sunday School Class for over 40 years and their mother, Martha Dee, was a regular choir member and town soloist.  Their lives had been impacted by Matthew Mueller, pastor of that church when B.O. and Martha Dee were raising their boys in Farmersville.  Mr. Baker was a successful business man and rancher.  Pastor Mueller reached out to B.O. and regularly shared the gospel with him.  Matthew Mueller was a Jewish believer, passionate about sharing the good news of Christ.  He won B.O. to the Lord one day and within two weeks, B.O. was teaching a men's class and growing leaps and bounds in his faith.  His entire family was changed and his life from that time on was full of teaching, lay preaching and telling others wherever he was about Jesus.  His sons were influenced by their father's great faith and they carried on that same desire to tell others.  First Baptist Church was the place where the family came to know Jesus and where they fellowshipped and served for many years.

Farmersville, Texas


Dick Baker is the son of B.O.  and Martha Dee McCraw Baker of Farmersville, Texas.  Many wonderful family members from the Baker and McCraw ties are spread all over Texas and beyond, but the years when so many were in Farmersville together with their extended families was truly a special time.  Dick and Bo were very close their grandparents and to many aunts and uncles, cousins and distant relations there in their home town.   Their home church and community has been full of support for Dick and Bo Baker throughout the years.  Their Farmersville and family roots there are deep and the love deeper still for their heritage.