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Richard D. Baker, 1929 - 2012


Dick's Music


     When Dick Baker was a Baylor student, he wrote his first Gospel song,  Longing for Jesus.  The Lord placed the song on his heart after retiring to his room following youth revival services in a Texas border town.  The services were struggling because they were not experiencing the presence of the Lord Jesus.  Dick's prayer was to see Jesus, to be near Him and to see the Lord work in those services.  The song was an outpouring of those prayers.  Dick's music from that time forward was always inspired by the Lord and always written with a purpose...to praise the Lord, evangelize the lost, encourage the forgiven,  and bring glory to God.   As Dick stood in the street with dozens of members/staff/workers watching the cross go up on the original sanctuary at Prestonwood Baptist Church (Hillcrest and Arapaho), the Lord gave him a song.  For many years thereafter, Lift The Savior Up was sung by choirs in churches all over the United States.   All To Thee and Have You Been To Calvary were included in the Baptist Hymnal.  Cliff Barrows' choirs sang Glory in countless Billy Graham crusades. 
    Jack Hamm, a teacher in the Baylor Art Department, drew a picture of the head of Christ for Dick to use with his music.  Some time later, Dr. B.B. McKinney, head of the Music Department at Southwestern Seminary and author of "Wherever He Leads, I'll Go", came to Baylor.  When he saw the head of Christ, he took it back to Nashville and without cost to Dick, had a zinc plate made of the picture.   Engraved zinc plates were used for printing in days before xerox machines and computers.  That head of Christ was used for many years on song sheets and booklets of Baker music.

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Pictured with Dick are Kurt Kaiser and George Beverly Shea.

His Way...Mine!


1929 - 2011

His Way…Mine!  is one of the most widely recognized Gospel songs written by Dick and Bo Baker.  It was the first song that the brothers wrote together.  In 1954, they had taken their Birchman Avenue Baptist Church young people to youth camp in Glen Rose, Texas.   They were impressed by the Lord that the young people needed encouragement to follow the Lord’s leading in their lives.  The words that Bo wrote were put to Dick’s melody and this song  became a theme for that camp week and went on to make an impact on many in the 50's and 60's.  Today, people still remember how God used this song in their lives. 

His Way…Mine! 

God has a place for every planned creation,

A path for every star to go.

He drew the course for every river’s journey,

Now I know he has a way for me. 



I place my life in the hands of God.

Those hands so scarred now outstretched for me.

Where ever it may be, over land, over sea,

May thy will sublime, O Thou God divine, be mine.


Now in His will my soul finds life worth living,

Each day new blessings from above.

Tho shadows come and valleys seem unending,

Still I know He makes a way for me.





Richard D. Baker

 The life and music ministry of Richard D. Baker has touched the hearts of people around the world.  Dick’s unique talent has produced more than 400 published Gospel songs, many of them translated into other languages and used all around the globe.  His voice and abilities to lead others in worship have been used for 63 years (and counting) in churches, arenas, stadiums, tents, and many other situations to tell people about the love of Christ Jesus.


Dick is a native Texan, born in 1927.  His hometown is Farmersville,  a small town northeast of Dallas.   He graduated from Baylor University in 1949 after serving his country in the Navy at the end of WWII.  He then received a degree in 1953 from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth.  While a student at Baylor he became a leader in the great Youth Revival Movement that swept America.  He also began writing music in 1947 as a young college student.  Following God’s call, he served as music minister at Birchman Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Worth.  There, he served alongside his brother, Bo, who was the pastor.  Being a part of Birchman Avenue was a wonderful experience for him, but Dick was soon led by the Lord to full time music evangelism. 


Dick had a heart for evangelism and was impressed to leave Birchman Avenue and enter music evangelism, teaming with several preachers.  He was used in the 1956 Billy Graham Crusade in Akron, Ohio at the Rubber Bowl.   In 1957, Dick was called to help with the music for the Billy Graham New York City Crusade in Madison Square Garden.  Scheduled to last 2 weeks, the crusade lasted 17 weeks.  At the conclusion of this great experience, he was extended an invitation to join the Billy Graham team.  However, he felt that the Lord wanted him to join his brother, Bo, as a full time evangelistic team.  They were known as The Baker Brothers to churches throughout the country and on the mission fields around the world.  They were a gifted pair with Bo preaching the Gospel and Dick proclaiming the Gospel in song.  They always added a trumpet duet in their services.  Their ministry spanned 20 years.  Bo and Dick traveled where ever the Lord opened the door,  over land and over sea. 


Bo returned to the pastorate at Plymouth Park Baptist Church in Irving, Texas.  Dick continued serving in evangelism teaming with various preacher friends until the Lord’s leading brought him to help a little mission church in North Dallas.  This small group of people began a vision supported by Northway Baptist Church in Dallas.  By 1978, he was added to the small staff of Prestonwood Baptist Church.  He loved being the Music Minister of that great church from its beginning until 1992.   He is now in his eighties and still lives in the Dallas area.  As his life verse reflects, Dick Baker will always will always have a song of praise in his heart.


The Lord is my strength and my shield;

My heart trusts in Him and I am helped.

Joy rises in my heart and with my song I will praise Him.

Ps. 28:7


Some of Dick's Ministry Highlights: 

Graduated from Baylor in 1949

Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1953

Minister of Music for Birchman Avenue Baptist Church

Music Evangelist 1956 to 1978

Minister of Music and Associate Pastor Prestonwood Baptist Church

Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Dallas Baptist University

George W. Truett Award for Distinguished Church Service from Truett Seminary at Baylor University

L.R. Scarbrough Award from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Dick Baker Chair of Music Missions and Evangelism established in 1992 at Southwestern Seminary

Honored in 2009 with Frank Boggs for writing the Baylor Fight Song in 1947


Above is a New York Times picture of Dick leading the music at a Businessmen's Luncheon at the Statler Hilton Hotel in New York during the Billy Graham Crusade in 1957.  Billy Graham is standing to Dick's left.